The Most Beautiful Places In Asia

Asian holiday destinations

The Most Beautiful Places In Asia

The great Asian holiday destination of Singapore attracts thousands of tourists every year. A member of the Malay race, Singapore is an affluent country with a good infrastructure. It’s a safe country with comparatively low crime rate. Some of its popular places to stay include Clarke Quay, Marina Bay and the Esplanade to get an amazing view of the city.

Indonesia has wonderful islands and a number of beaches and resorts where tourists can relax, swim and have a great time. Tourists can stay at Kuta, Jimbaran Beach, Canggu, Sanur and Langkawi in this region. It’s one of the more popular Asian holidays destination in South-East Asia with the beaches and resorts being particularly popular in Indonesia. Some places to stay here are Jimbaran Beach, Langkawi, Sanur and Canggu. There are also several other beaches that attract tourists and travelers from around the globe.

Thailand has some of the best Asian holiday destinations and is popular with tourists from all over the world. Its capital city, Bangkok, is extremely popular among tourists looking for cheap hotels. Other popular Asian holiday destinations in Thailand are Chiang Mai, Surat, Patong, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Krabi Chiang Mai and Phuket. The cities of Bangkok, Surat, Phuket and Patong have been known to accommodate the largest number of tourists visiting these places. They are also densely populated areas making them popular Asian holiday destinations to stay.

India is another popular Asian holiday destinations and one of the best places to stay if you want to enjoy cheap accommodation. Delhi being the capital of India has numerous options and you can choose one depending on your preference. You can stay at the deluxe or super deluxe hotels and eat at the best restaurants here. Rajasthan is also a popular destination and tourists love to drive through the deserts here in a vehicle that is called ruchi.

Malaysia has some of the popular Asian holiday destinations that are very much attractive to the tourists. It comprises of Penang, Langkawi Island, East Malaysia, Melaka and West Malaysia. Penang is known for its natural beauty and there are some places here that are very far from the tourist attractions here. So it is better to travel to such places by taking the cheapest flights available to them. It has some wonderful tourist spots and staying here will be memorable.

Singapore is also one of Asia’s best holiday destination options and it is well known for its shopping malls and entertainment centres. These shopping malls are full of passion and people from all over the world visit this place to buy their favorite products. They can visit the eastern regions of Singapore like the Bukit Timah and Orchard Road or they can go to the western region like the Chinatown, Ann Siang Road, or the Alexander Huang Avenue. Food here is of high quality and tourists love to try out the various cuisines here.

Asia has some amazing beach destinations that are very much attractive to the holiday makers and honeymoon couples. People here love to spend their holiday days at the beautiful beaches and spend the rest of their days at the beach resorts. There are some great beach resorts in Koh Samui island and these resorts are perfect for the couples. These islands are also famous for their waterfalls and other natural attractions.

Thailand is also one of the attractive places in Asia. Its cities are very modern and the food is of high quality and the people here are always smiling. They are very welcoming and kind and always help tourist with all their requirements. There are a large number of holidaymakers who come here every year and spend their holidays staying in these beautiful places.