Ten Best Asian Holiday Destinations You Must Visit

Asian holiday destinations

Ten Best Asian Holiday Destinations You Must Visit

Why travel to Asia? Because there is something for everyone. The east has a variety of tropical islands to choose from. Thailand has a vibrant nightlife with great beaches, but some people prefer the quieter and less commercialised beaches of Indonesia or Vietnam. People travel to Asia for the diverse culture, amazing food, the weather and the beaches. In this article I want to compare Asia to Australia as both a holiday destination and lifestyle type.

Asia is one of most beautiful destinations in the world. Some of the best destinations are India, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and South-Korea. Each country in Asia has a different type of holiday: The more commercialised destinations like Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong or Taipei, tend to have less historical sites and have become more about business. Whereas, in other countries you will find a more natural environment with beautiful beaches, mountain and hill towns and lots of local markets. It’s important to understand that there are three main types of holiday – spiritual, adventurous and business. Lets explore these three types more closely.

For spiritual travelers the best places to visit are India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. India is a wonderful country for exploring spiritual beliefs such as Yoga, Christianity, Muslim and Judaism. You can spend a few weeks at any of the country’s many historic sites and temples. On your journey to India you will also experience the spice and colour of India, from verdant fields in Rajasthan, the sand dunes of desert in Gujarat and the bright city lights of Delhi.

Sri Lanka is another popular Asian holiday destinations. The east coast is home to the picturesque coastal cities of Anuradhapura and Galle. These coastal cities are an interesting mix of modern and ancient, old colonial architecture. The interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka are Port Louis, Galle, Ubud and Theppakan. The landscapes of these cities are spectacularly beautiful and offer some of the best views of nature in the region. There is some very rich cultural heritage to be explored in Sri Lanka as well and some of the most famous cities in Sri Lanka that tourists love to visit are Port Louis, Galle, Theppakan and Ubud.

For those looking for the opposite end of things there are many Asian holiday destinations that can appeal to those looking for business and finance. Malaysia and Singapore are perfect places to do business. These countries have some of the richest and most sophisticated economies in the world and are very popular business destinations. Singapore is especially popular because of its cheap flights, beautiful beaches, business facilities and shopping opportunities.

Indonesia is another popular Asian holiday destinations. This country has some incredible natural beauty, fantastic beaches, historical monuments, wonderful islands, tropical forests and grasslands. Indonesia is a large island and there are different islands for different purposes, so you have plenty of options when it comes to where you want to go on your holiday. Indonesia is also home to some fabulous beaches and resorts for those who want to relax on the beautiful beaches.

Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, is another popular destination for those looking for some Asian holiday destinations. Thailand is famous for its amazing natural beauty and wonderful sandy beaches. Phuket, a popular beach town, is home to some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches and Samui, which is the largest island of the Thai archipelago, is famous for its rich culture, interesting museums and temples. One of the best things about Thailand is its warm weather, so you will never feel too cold here. The tropical climate means that tourists can enjoy sunshine all year round.

Malaysia is also another popular Asian travel destinations with amazing beaches and tropical forests. It is often referred to as land of skyscrapers, due to the large number of cities that are extremely tall. Penang is one of Malaysia’s most popular cities, which has a terrific view over the Andaman Sea and an amazing night life. Other popular Asian travel destinations include Korea, Japan, China, India and Indonesia.