Finding the Best Places to Stay in a Vacation

Experts say that most vacationers in Europe, Japan, Australia, and the U.S. nowadays -where virtually all popular vacation destinations are located – are looking for more specialized holiday destinations. The top vacation resorts for them are typically all about relaxation. The top vacation resorts of Europe, for example, are about as far removed from the bustle of city life as you can get. Rather than bustling bars and restaurants, they have large, uninviting hotel rooms and a few long spa sessions. Rather than lounging poolside, relaxing spa sessions are the norm. Rather than having to deal with noisy, busy tourists, the top vacation resorts in Europe and the Caribbean islands cater only to adults.

Top Vacation Resorts

However, this is not the case in many of the other top destinations. In many of the Caribbean islands, especially those frequented by European and American tourists, young couples are among the majority of visitors. While adult couples are common in the Caribbean, couples of children are much less so. Still, Caribbean islands offer a variety of family-friendly, romantic getaways, including plenty of opportunity for couples to spend quality time alone. For couples, this is a top vacation resorts option that allows them to enjoy each other’s company while finding some alone time as well.

In Europe, the top vacation resorts are about as family friendly as you can get. Most of them have plenty of onsite kid-friendly activities, from pools with slides and water slides, two play areas for kids, to kid-friendly hotels and spas. Many of the onsite babysitting options are included in the package or can be requested. Many also include shopping, dining, and nightlife options for vacationers with young ones. In addition, some of the best European vacation resorts are located in gorgeous, charming cities that are family-friendly, too.

In Asia, the top vacation resorts are popular spots for families with young children, although they tend to draw a more diverse crowd than the adult crowd. There is a great deal of kid-friendly activities in places like Thailand and Indonesia, where families can explore colorful markets, visit museums, and go on scuba-diving adventures. The same is true of places like Malaysia and the Philippines, where families can explore sandy beaches, go shopping, and engage in various Asian cultures. In addition, the best Asian vacation resorts are relatively kid-friendly, too, especially in comparison to resorts in North America or Europe. For example, one of the best ski resorts in the world is located in skiing country, which provides a unique experience for holidaymakers to appreciate.

In the Andes Mountains, topping the list for the top vacation resorts in South America, you can find a host of outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking, parasailing, rock climbing, and kayaking. Other activities include camping, kayaking, rafting, and other water sports. And, of course, there are endless options for shopping in one of the numerous shopping villages along the way.

The Caribbean islands are another great time to visit top vacation resorts. These destinations offer visitors wonderful scuba diving experiences, snorkeling experiences, as well as visits to some of the best coral reefs and tropical fish you’ll ever see. There’s also a great time to visit the wildlife refuge at the St. Lucia Nature Reserve. This is also a great time to catch game fish like trout, bass, or salmon.

“It’s not just about the beaches anymore,” says aldenia from California. “Nowadays, people are realizing that even the most remote beaches can be used as great vacation locations. And even better, they don’t have to be expensive.” She continues, “I’ve seen resorts that offer couples’ only rooms, couples’ only cabins, even beach chairs for two!” And these accommodations come in all price ranges, too–and often are located right on the beach!

While it may seem that the most popular destinations have stayed the same, that isn’t always true. If you’re willing to look around, there’s no reason why you couldn’t find even the best deals at some of the hottest destinations around the world. And Top Vacation Resorts are experts at picking the best beaches and resorts. So you can plan your dream honeymoon trip to any of the top vacation destinations in the world and stay at the best resorts at the best prices.